Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weekly what:nots...

Hello Saturday! I hope you're having a grand time in your neck of the woods, and that the past week has been good to you. Ours flew by with the boys at sewing camp, dinners out, movies, horse riding, walks in the park, and so on. I also found time to fiddle with Pinterest and tumblr. Do you use Pinterest? Isn't it the most brilliant invention? What are your weekend plans? We're planning to head out and explore the northern Oregon coast, watch movies, potter about, eat pancakes, and finalise our uber-exciting summer travel plans for later this month. I'll tell you more on Monday once everything's set in stone....until then, here's this week's what:nots.
Lovely light, blunt ends, and pretty lace found here.
An ideal tote for 'toting' books about.

A delicate tea light holder (found via here).
Moleskine notebooks, perfect for recording ones journeys, thoughts, hopes, dreams, artwork, or...

Soft sheer linen cashmere from Eileen Fisher.

Ecostasy's simple and beautiful basketry (found via Bliss).
The colours, the history, the people, the enchantment of India.

Anthro's bungalow view maillot - swimsuit perfection.


  1. Ooooh...! Is the picture of India a hint of your travels??

    I have a friend who's taking a year-long sabbatical from teaching and will be in India for about three months in next year... I forget what the actual name of the village she will be staying at is, but it translates as "Place of Peace." Lovely, no?

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, filled with pancakes and travel scheming.


  2. Oh, can't wait to hear of your plans. LOVE that swimsuit, may have to get onto their website to order depending on shipping costs of course.

    PS thanks for your travel hints, we are definitely not going to be pc and use the phenergan, we've already tested it out to be sure it dowsn't have the opposite effect!! I think I jts have to accept the fact that Jack is probably going to be a handful and just take a deep breath.

  3. Maria sadly not India - but non-the-less exciting. Your friend's trip sounds incredible. India is very much at the top of my places to go list....
    Have a wonderful week. Annie x

  4. I am a dedicated Moleskine gal. And that tote, it should be mine.


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