Saturday, July 10, 2010


Or should that be belated-what:nots? After one too many late nights it was early to bed for me last night, and today has been the usual hurly-burly round of Saturday things. Anyhoo I hope you all had a fun week. We survived another week of the hols, as well as sweltering temperatures, and are now on a countdown toward our next adventure. We have a four hour layover in Chicago and I'm wondering whether we should explore beyond the airport....if anyone has any tips I'd love to hear them. Right-o let's get on with what:nots, or it will be next Friday before you know it!
Dark hair, wild brows and ice blue eyes at Alberta Ferretti.
Loving Burberry's new 'beauty' range - especially the lip glows.
How to personalise (or pimp) your Moleskine.
Lovely ballet flats by Maria Sharapova for Cole Haan.
Could Clu have made the perfect little black dress for summer?
Delicate nested 'rose' bowls from White Forest Pottery.
kai perfume oil a sublime blend of gardenia and tropical white flowers.
And a small pop of colour to end with. I not sure what I love more about Uxua Casa - the idea of staying here, or finding a little piece of paradise and creating something similar...

I hope you have a fun weekend - I'm off to make cardamom cooler from here.


  1. Chicago suggestion...A little stroll around Millennium Park and the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago...ending with lunch here:

    Add a walk along the lakefront if time allows.

  2. I clicked over to the cardamom cooler. It looks fabulous!


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