Thursday, November 18, 2010


After some pretty horrendous Portland weather yesterday reality has set in - I am definitely no longer in Mexico! But my oh my oh my talk about a surprise weekend! We flew into Puerto Vallarta, drove an hour south along a winding coast road, and stopped at the wee fishing village of Boca de Tomatlan. There we were met by a boat and zoomed along a jungle clad coastline. The sun was setting, pelicans were about, and the colours were incredible. A wee while later we arrived a jetty, and were taken up a narrow winding stone path through the jungle to Verana. Tucked away on a hill, surrounded by lush forest with sweeping views of the sea Verana has to be the definition of utter bliss. With only eight (very private) bungalows, and only accessible by boat, it is totally remote and secluded. R and I had the most incredible time - we lay in the sun, gazed at the view, wandered through the jungle to Yelapa (a tiny fishing village only accessible by boat), gazed at the view some more, had massages, and ate the yummiest food!! I feel very spoilt indeed...
Images from Verana, the top and bottom pics are of our bungalow - it was sooooo beautiful!


  1. What a beautiful place! Woaw... !!!

  2. wow, wow, wow! adding to my travel wish list now!
    how would this place be with kids, it looks like a grown up getaway?

    you seem to find all the great places, any nyc recommendations?

  3. Which house did you stay in? I remember seeing this place long ago and forgot all about it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lisa - wow wow wow is right - it was utterly lovely! I don't think they take children....but I would ask if I was you - you never know. When are you off to NYC?

    Nicole - we stayed in the stone house (casa piedra) it was perfect. But then all the houses looked perfect...


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