Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello week...

Things seem to be puttering along nicely...our weekend was a perfect mix of this'n that. R and I watched the sobering documentary The Two Escobars. Speaking of sobering, a wee while back we watched No End in Sight - both are well worth watching. In between pottering about, I had time to catch up on lots of reading, listened to a couple of great interviews from here, rearranged the furniture and organised my desk, dragged the rowdies on a coffee + shopping expedition with a dear friend, and attended Little Winter Market. Home with me came several items of loveliness including the one of Herriot Grace's teeny wee salt bowls. I do however regret leaving these beautiful socks behind....especially with the cooler weather upon us. Anyhoo I'm off to make soup and sort out the disaster zone that is Mu's room. I hope your week is of to a great start!


  1. The Little Winter Market looked like it was going to be great. Somehow I missed Herriot Grace was involved. Have you seen her new kitchen linens? They are lovely. Enjoy your week.

  2. yes i looked longingly at the HG kitchen linens - they are even nicer in 'the flesh'.

  3. there was so much lovelieness going on there! now it seems i've lost my voice...


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