Saturday, November 20, 2010


'tis once again the weekend, and with a little bit of luck and a whole lotta hoping we might get snow tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed. We're off to the Portland Art Museum this afternoon to see the Vogel Collection. What are your plans.....I hope you have fun whatever they are.
Spellbinding sepia of Natalie Portman.

And loving American Vintage's track pants, and sheer singlets.

A pretty little box from mahna mahna.

Kirra Jamison's works on paper.

Perfect symmetry in this Aline Coquelle image.
A vintage sign found here

And a wonderfully frosty image to end with (fingers crossed for snow!).


  1. natalie portman is so stunning. she stops my heart everytime.

  2. gorgeous post! i really enjoyed this :)

  3. Hey! Oh what a nice selection: I want those track pants...and natalie portman is stunning. Hope you got snow!!! I want to go snowboarding now!!!!!

  4. i love that hugo guiness!! btw, i cannot remember where that cami is from you asked about, i'm sorry! i can't believe i didn't link it at the time. bad blogger! if i remember i'll letcha know :)


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