Friday, November 5, 2010


Here we are, another week down. How's it been for you? Ours has been the regular round of this'n that. Next week is looking pretty full so I'm planning to lay low and perfect the art of not doing very much at all - except attending this much anticipated event. I hope you have a wonderful weekend...
Joyce Tennyson's beautiful photographic series. 

Elegantly simple silk-chiffon pieces by Jean Yu

Ussimimique by Claude Tousignant. I love how he describes wanting to take a painting back to it's source " the point at which painting is pure sensation"

Terrain's wonderfully wise wee owl.

Stunning equestrian images from here.

If  you're in Portland this weekend I recommend you get yourself along to Little Winter Market - there will be oodles of loveliness guaranteed.

Stella McCartney's country house. Reading this article has given me a dreadful case of garden envy.

And my absolutely new favourite ice-cream brand Strauss Family Creamery. Seriously, their ice-cream is yum-diddly-scrumptious and tastes exactly like it's homemade.


  1. I love Straus! I used to live right beside Marshall, CA. Their vanilla ice cream is my favorite.

  2. i just discovered your blog, and i LOVE it! i love this list too. i posted one of those dace equestrian photos a while back. lovely!

  3. Ooo, I wish I could pop over and see the winter market- looks like it would be lovely. Emma.


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