Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly what:nots...

Here we are on a very foggy Sunday. The blur of the past week was punctuated by exciting news - we have found a new place to live! Whoop whoop. In a little over three weeks we will be moving from a 'compact' apartment to a ginormous house, complete with backyard. I am seriously considering equipping R and the boys with personal locator beacons or walkie-talkies. And as I type all the things we've had in storage in New Zealand are wending their way across the high seas to Portland. Ridiculously exciting. As for the weekend - R arrived home from TED on Friday full of inspiring tales, we dined out at Castagna (the carrots with crunchy malt and walnut ice cream were yum-diddly-scrumptious), yesterday was a blur of Saturday-ness culminating in the viewing of Waiting for Superman - a blatantly raw and troubling documentary on schools in the US - well worth watching. And here we are - the weekend has almost gone. With R leaving this afternoon (for Morocco!) the boys and I shall once again be three. But we shall be busying ourselves in preparation for the big move and the usual this-n that. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend and that week ahead is full of goodness.
Silvery black and white from the blog The Killing Moon, the name of which reminds me of this song.

Grant Hamilton's polaroids (via Kate Spade).

Delicate porcelain pieces by Lilith Rockett.

There's nothing like a handwritten letter, especially one with a wax seal.

Country Road's winter 2011 range.

Carla Caruso's circle ring.

Wonderfully sculptural clutches by Forms.

And Sofia Coppola from Nylon Dec/Jan 2011.


  1. Your move is exciting news. Backyard -- woo hoo! I agree, Waiting for Superman is well worth watching. Carrots with crunchy malt and walnut ice cream, wow, I've never heard of such a thing. Seems pretty fantastic. I'm a Sofia fan too.

  2. yay, congrats on the house!!! (and all of your stuff arriving soon:)

  3. Hi!:) I was interpelled by your last tread, because the girl of "a killing moon" ,margaux, is a friend of a good friend of mine whoo has an online magazine called Simon(e) who's 2 nd issue is actually launched today!
    You can have a look, there's a shooting of her, wearing some of my friends designs in it at!

    crazy how the world is smalç

    ps; sofia idol!
    and freja..i dressed her sunday at givenchy show, is really the most adorable model in the world, i think you like her too!


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