Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly what:nots...

I hope you're weekend is pottering along at a nice pace. After a lazy start, followed by R's pancakes, yesterday progressed at a perfectly suitable pace for a Saturday. In fact, the past week pretty much progressed at a similar pace which was rather nice. In amongst the boys' almost back-to-back viewing of the Harry Potter series (!?), we took in Inside Job - fascinating viewing. And today's rather slow start, coupled with intermittent continuous downpours means it looks just as likely to progress as the past week has - perfect really. I hope the last week was just as nice for you. Thanks for stopping by - here's a muddly what:nots.
In awe of this photograph - it looks like a painting.

Hina Aoyama's exquisite paper cuts - made using scissors!

Highly covetable pieces from Heath Ceramics.

Phoebe Philo's chic jumpsuit - stylish, flattering, and oh so comfortable looking!

Scales of Economy by Sara Hughes.

Mad et Len's artisan candles are made by hand and come in scents of ginger, black pepper + clove. They also produce a range of scented furniture waxes.

A very nice tote from Rochas spring 2011 rtw.

And Tortoise Loves Donkeys' tiny tiny terrarium.

Oh and just because it's a quiet kinda day
There are Many of Us from Aska & The Lost Trees.


  1. Oh, Heath...and I love all things small and green (& tiny tiny).

  2. wow. that first image does look like a painting. i want to paint it!!!


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