Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello week...

How was your weekend? Did you have fun? Ours started off really well and then descended into non-stop squabbles between the boys. Goodness me I was glad to ship them off to OMSI Camp this morning, I tell you! R arrives home tonight after a hugely successful race, and a whirlwind trip to NYC for work. With the boys off at camp all week I'm looking forward to some me time and catching up with friends. What are your plans? Oh I've also started pottering about with 'inspiration boards' on tumblr, but am now considering Pinterest - what are you thoughts? Do you use either, which do you find best? I'd love to know...
Image from Teri Lyn Fisher.


  1. I'll be honest...I have no idea how inspiration boards such as tumblr or Pinterest are used. I'm no help. Enjoy your me time.

  2. I've just started with Pininterest, but haven't really had any time to play around and I have never used tumblr, so no help, I like the concept of electronic pinboards though.
    Just read your weekend stroll, hillarious boys you have.

  3. i use both tumblr and pinterest. i like them both. i use tumblr only to collect other tumblr images i see and like although you can collect them from anywhere and i use pinterest for when i'm online and see something i like. pinterest is probably the best all around.


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