Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello week...

How was your weekend? Ours was sublime with utterly perfect summer weather. Thanks to a nice young man at the Apple Store my laptop, and mouse are now working properly. Technology don't you love it when it works, and condemn it when it doesn't! The boys and I are once again "just-three" with R currently somewhere in southern Colorado taking part in this! Seriously why drive or fly when you can cycle? Madness I say, but if one is going to have a vice....well let's just say it could be a lot worse. Right best get on. We have the end of year class picnic this evening, and I need to prepare our contribution. A task fraught with stress due to real (or perceived) Mummy-one-upmanship over what your contribution says about your home life and your overall approach to child-rearing ;) I hope your week is off a to a grand start. Have fun!
ps: one of my all-time favourite things is sunlight glistening on water. It gives me such a feeling of inner-peace-and-joy. To me it is perfection.
Image from Ruby Beets.

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  1. right there with you on loving technology when it works and hating life when it doesn't. glad you had a good weekend!


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