Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekly what:nots...

Hello there. I'm afraid I got sidetracked helping Turtle rearrange his room this evening, so am running a bit behind. Before we kick off - how was your week? I hope you had a good one. Ours was crazy madness until school finished on Tuesday, then slipped straight into sloth-like slowness. Which has been rather nice, albeit hugely unproductive. We have been excitedly following R and the team, cheering via twitter as they make their way across the country. I'm feeling ridiculously proud of him right now! I hope you have a fun weekend planned, and thank you for all your comments, it's so lovely to read them, and humbling to know that you visit Elsa May. Enjoy!
Translucent eyes found here.
French Connection's 'Coastal Clutch' - great for summer.

Pretty colours in Crush by Anya Spielman.

Love this asymmetric dress - versatile, comfy and stylish.

A lovely little sake cup, with a rather large price tag for such a wee cup.

Pie chart pins by StudioFludd. They'd look good on a wall too (via Seesaw).
A tissue-thin sheer knit tank from Madewell.

What are these? Why they are stools of course - $600 stools that is. Hop on over to the Mogg Blogg, and read Joy and Janet's hilarious posts on design and home decor.

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  1. Oh certainly do have an eye for that clutch purse..gorg x


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