Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekly what:nots...

Hello there - how has your week been? Ours has been busy, two very excited boys left this morning for their end of year school sleep over. Let's hope it stays dry! Portland has been shrouded in grey, grey cloud and rain for yet another week, and to be honest I'm really over it. On a pleasanter note, I went riding this morning (yay), and met the very talented Lisa of Lisa Golightly. How lovely to be able to put a real person to a blog. If you aren't familiar with Lisa's paintings hop on over here and have a peek - they are utterly beautiful. I hope you have a fun weekend, here's what:nots for the week...
Great side shot found here.

Mandy by Kate Spade - a perfectly versatile summer sandal.

A clever little quote found over at Lotta Agaton

Could this room be any nicer? (via Lynwood Musings)

Newly envisioned Hitchcock posters from Laz Marquez.
Lovely summer outfits from Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti. Love the little bucket bags too!
And a pretty little tray of birds and blossoming branches from Pip & Estella (via Bliss).

Images from Fashion Copious, Lotta Agaton, Laz Marquez, Lynwood MusingsPhilosophy di Alberta Ferretti, and Pip & Estella.


  1. lovely collection of lovely things. that first photo is beautiful!

    xo Alison

  2. Those Hitchcock posters are fabulous. The image of the room came from Living Etc, I posted about the house (Roddy & Ginger)the other week. Have a great weekend, sun is finally out here yeah, so may hold back on the baking of the scons, I'm off outside.

  3. so fun to finally meet you, as well!


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