Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunshine at last...

How was your weekend? I hope you had a grand old time and that the sun shone. Don't you find sunny weather gives you 'spring-in-you-step' kind of lift? Our weekend was great, we dined out here, and the boys' camp-out was a great success. And now with school finishing up for the year, R going away (again) on Friday, picnics, evenings out, and a whole-lotta summer travel and activities to plan, this week is looking rather hectic. I'll do my best to post regularly, but things may be a bit sporadic. I hope you have a lovely week!
Image from By Fryd.


  1. Today we had sunshine...a rarity for winter..and it certainly gave me a spring in my step..sunshine in your face makes you feel all warm and happy inside. Glad you had a lovely weekend x

  2. I enjoy all sorts of weather, but I agree, the sun does put that little spring in your step.


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